Twiddle Teddy Knitting Patterns

Posted: 30/10/2018

Do you knit?

The Linkage Sensory Bus team have produced a twiddle teddy knitting pattern for a sensory toy. Twiddle Teddies are a soft, cuddly accessory designed to comfort or engage children with SEND and people with dementia.

The ‘teddy’ provides a comforting cuddle, while the ‘twiddle’ keeps hands and minds active and engaged, or calmed and soothed.

There are two ways you can purchase a Twiddle Teddy knitting pattern:

1. Purchase a digital copy at Ravelry, a knitting and crochetting website. Click here.

2. Buy a physical copy of the knitting pattern at one of our three Charity Shops:

Patterns cost £3.

If you are crafty why not give them a go?

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