Thank you Rowhire

Posted: 15/03/2018

Linkage would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Rowhire, the Spilsby-based business who offer quality exercise equipment to buy or hire. They have kindly lent Linkage an indoor rower and indoor bike for use at our Linkage Adult Skills Distance Challenge on Monday 19th March.

The challenge pits our three Adult Skills sites against each other to see who can cover the most distance in a day, Team Toynton, Team Grimsby or Team Lincoln. Staff and clients will be recording how far they individually walk, push, swim, bike, row or run during the day. To give all sites an equal chance, regardless of size, each team’s individual distances will be added together to find the average distance covered per person, the site with the highest average distance will take glory and a trophy.

The indoor rower that Rowhire has provided for the day closely simulates rowing a boat through water, while the exercise bike gives the true feeling of being on a road bike, meaning our clients are getting an opportunity to use top of the range equipment. We really couldn’t be doing the challenge across the sites as easily without Rowhire’s generosity so we are extremely grateful for their support.

The distance challenge marks the launch of a new Adult Skills initiative called ‘Spring into Sport’, a season of fun and exciting activities designed to give clients opportunities to:

  • find the sport for them
  • take their existing sporting interest to another level through joining a club or taking part in a competitive event such as a 5 or 10k or a triathlon
  • benefit from the fantastic things exercise does for the mind and body.

There are lots of events planned for the next 11 weeks including competitive sporting events, have a go activities and further sporting challenges so keep an eye out on the Linkage Adult Skills Facebook page for updates.

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