Spot the Linkage Sign!

Posted: 23/06/2017

In yet another step along the journey of Linkage growing in Lincoln, we are proud to see our sign up at the Boultham Park roundabout in support of Lincoln in Bloom.

With just 15 weeks to go before we open the doors to our fantastic Boultham Park Education Centre as part of the park’s restoration project, Linkage is continuing to work hard to raise awareness of the Trust, and support the needs of the local community.

When open, the Linkage Campus at Boultham Park will not only provide a fantastic learning experience for young people with learning disabilities but it will also provide the public with access to a café, and a small garden centre in the spectacular Glasshouse.

It is an exciting time for Linkage and we are looking forward to seeing the sign when the roundabout is in full flower so if you spot it when you’re out on your travels, send us a picture as we’d love to see it in all its glory.

Email your photos to or post to our Linkage Community Trust Facebook page.

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If God created heaven on Earth, this place would be it.
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