Linkage Charity Shops

Linkage Birchwood Shop, Lincoln
Linkage Birchwood Shop, Lincoln

We rely on the generosity of our supporters who provide us with regular donations of items for sale, their time in volunteering and our customers for their purchases! Linkage Charity Shops have raised thousands of pounds towards our charity since the first one opened at the Birchwood Centre, Lincoln.


We have a great team of volunteers who help to operate and run our charity shops. We are constantly on the lookout for new volunteers to bring their time and energy to our shops – they really do make all the difference! If you would like to volunteer your time, experience and skills please enquire at one of our shops for more details.


We constantly need new donations to keep our shops going. We accept donations of clothing, books and bric a brac at all our shops. The better quality the donation the more support we can provide to people with learning disabilities. If you sign up to the Gift Aid scheme, we can claim an extra 25% on sold items, so please sign up when you donate – it doesn’t cost you a penny! Even if we cannot sell your donations we recycle a vast quantity of clothing, books and metal by using them in our craft classes or recycling them through another Lincolnshire based company. This also generates cash for us, so don’t just throw away those old clothes – donate them to us!

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The Children and Families Development Worker has been a great support to all of us
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