Linkage Graduates’ Association

If you’ve been a Linkage College learner we would love to catch-up and find out what happened next

Thousands of young people have come through the ranks of Linkage College over the 40+ years we’ve been in existence.

Since opening with four learners and eight members of staff, the college has grown substantially. We currently have approximately 150 learners across three campuses: Toynton All Saints, Weelsby at Grimsby and the Boultham Park Education Centre at Lincoln.

While learners are at our college we aim to prepare them for adulthood in the most appropriate way for them. We support and encourage individuals to develop their talents and abilities and their aspirations for the future – this could be moving on to living in supported-living, living independently, getting a paid job, going on to further study.   Once people leave the college though we don’t always get to know what happened next.

Because we love to stay in touch with the people we’ve supported, we invite you to join the free Linkage Graduates’ Association.


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My son went to Linkage with no confidence. Now he doesn't want to come home because he's busy with friends. This is brilliant!
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