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Linkage College’s careers programme

In 2018, 71% of Linkage College graduates moved on to an employment-related outcome such as paid or voluntary work. Our careers programme is a key part of our success in this area. At Linkage College, our careers programme is framed by the Gatsby Benchmarks.


The Gatsby Benchmarks for Careers Education

In 2014 the Gatsby Report made a major contribution the development of quality careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) in Education in England.  As a result, 8 benchmarks of good practice were drawn up that identify the elements of good career guidance. Our Careers programme reflects Linkage College’s commitment to these 8 benchmarks:

1. A stable careers programme

2. Learning from career and labour market information

3. Addressing the needs of each learner

4. Linking curriculum learning to careers

5. Encounters with employers and employees

6. Experience of workplaces

7. Encounters with further and higher education

8. Personal Guidance


Our CEIAG aim

The aim of our careers programme is to raise the aspirations of our learners, develop career ready skills and achieve qualifications enabling them to be self-motivated, confident and ready for employment.

Our programme empowers learners to develop their inter-personal skills, explore and give them knowledge relative to their career choices and to prepare them for the world of work through ‘on the job’ experience.


How our careers programme works

The learner will complete an Individual Advice and Guidance review (IAG) with the Employment Team. The purpose of this is to provide structure around determining a career pathway, taking into consideration the study programme the learners have chosen to follow and linking this to their preference for work and their career aspirations. In addition to this learners are given the opportunity to attend a careers tutorial with a Level 6 qualified Careers Advisor.

We work collaboratively with learners, parents and carers providing regular updates, so we can tangibly support and prepare the learners for their journey into their career.

Careers learning is embedded into all lessons. Learners develop their understanding about how each subject links to the world of work, employers are invited into the college to speak about their industry and workplace visits are also available.

The college has a good working relationship with an Enterprise Co-ordinator who supports us to further develop our careers programme and create links with employers. They also provide labour market information.


Work Experience

The Work Experience Team tailor a bespoke plan to enable the learners to follow their chosen pathway.

We have long-standing experience of working with a wide range of local employers across retail, hospitality, catering, horticulture, customer service and media.  E.g. shop assistant, waitress, kitchen work, gardening assistant at golf course, receptionist, motor mechanic to name but a few.

We work with local employers to source the most suitable form of engagement to meet our learner’s needs. This can be through work experience, Supported Internships and extended work placements.

Where appropriate, learners can undertake internal work placements within our retail facilities, horticulture glasshouse, garden maintenance, small animal unit, ICT department, café and kitchen and dining room.

Work Experience placements can be accessed for 6 weeks (term by term) or over several months. Our dedicated work experience support team work alongside the learner and the employer throughout the work placement.  We complete risk assessments for every placement and provide the employers with any training to support the learners, e.g. medical.

We support learners to develop life skills such as travel training to and from their work placement – this is integral to their education and career development.



We work closely with parents in an effort to plan and facilitate a smooth transition to post-college life. A careers event runs alongside each Parent Evening. Parents and learners are encouraged to speak to stall holders representing Further Education, Day services, employment services, Department for Work & Pensions, supported living and advice services. We provide guidance and information and facilitate visits to potential services enabling parents and learners to make effective decisions about all available options once they leave college.


Areas for development

We are proud of our careers programme but we are committed to doing better. We are working hard to:

  • Further develop our Careers Week
  • Raise our profile with employers and the local community using press and social media as a platform to highlight good practice, focusing on employers and skills
  • Further develop Breakfast Meetings for employers
  • Develop Alumni and invite them to speak to learners about their career pathway and development.

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