Parents and Carers

Linkage Care is for young people and adults aged 18+ and Linkage recognises the vital importance of families and carers in planning the care for the service user.

We cater for individuals with a range of mild to severe learning difficulties and disabilities, alongside associated behavioural, sensory and medical conditions.

We support a range of personal care needs, from oversight to physical assistance, including the use of hoists and changing/wet rooms.

We also support individuals who have mental health needs as well as some form of learning difficulty/disability. Our staff are trained in first aid and the administration of medication, as well as management of epilepsy and diabetes.

We ensure that regular contact is maintained and issues of key importance are regularly discussed with families and carers. In addition formal reviews are held on an annual basis, which involve the service user, parent, social worker and other key people in the service users life.

I have had a fantastic time at Linkage - 10/10
Simon, Student
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