An update from a Linkage Graduate

Posted: 17/10/2018

Over the years we have seen Linkage College learners with varying degrees of learning disabilities, from mild to severe, achieve academically and personally. They achieve in ways they and their families could only previously have dreamed of.

Yesterday, our one of our Progress Coaches received an email from a Linkage graduate who wanted to update her on how he was getting on. He’s kindly agreed to let us share his story.

Robert joined Linkage in 2011 and graduated in 2014 as a residential learner. As well as studying maths, English and ICT, he completed and achieved:

  • NVQ Level 2 Business and Administration
  • City & Guilds Certificate Level 1 Retail Skills
  • NVQ Certificate in Customer Service
  • City & Guilds Certificate in Employability and Personal Development

He also had work placements primarily in Administration.

This week Robert is turning 24 so it’s brilliant to have an update from him. 

“Basically I started this year off in a brand brand brand new flat as I was having major problems in my previous place. I cannot tell you how much I have matured and found myself as a person. I have made this place my home of sanctuary.  I have also got a new circle of friends which I have made over the months and few years.

Next month I am hosting my first dinner meal for my parents. I will be cooking a homemade main course, and a dessert for after without any support or help and with skills I have gained over the months and years to help me become more independent as a young man!

I am still studying at college and gaining so much from it, and progressing fabulously. I work part time in the retail fashion industry which is also a fabulous experience on a daily basis.

I have also made a step into becoming a male model, I have been doing various shoots and building my portfolio up.

Things in life with me are going absolutely positively. I have less anxieties, and less low self-esteem. I’ve actually realised that you know what? Life is what you make it and I have got so much going for me. The amount of compliments and praise I get from various people I meet about how much I’ve come on is outstanding. I actually make myself proud some days.

I sometimes forget that Linkage helped me become the confident young man that I am today. So, now I am helping other people to deal with the same difficulties that I had a few of years ago when I was 16!” 

We are fantastically proud of Robert, his email to brought a tear to the eyes of many staff who used to work with him. 

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