Health and Wellbeing

At Linkage Adult Skills we encourage and promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle through a wide range of activities and initiatives.

In the UK, people with learning disabilities have poorer health than the general population, much of which is avoidable. Linkage Adult Skills helps people understand the full range of issues and behaviours which impact on lifelong health and wellbeing, both for the mind and the body.

From cooking healthy meals and a walking club to supporting clients to take part in local triathlons, the possibilities of things to get involved in are endless.


In 2018 we entered the first Learning Disability team into the Louth Triathlon and came third!
Accessible Cycling
We have a number of trikes to enable people of all abilities to enjoy getting outside and getting active
Linkage FC
Linkage FC play in the Lincolnshire Ability Counts Football League and were crowd champions in 2018. They also take part in the People’s FA Cup. There is a ladies football team on the way.
The ground at Toynton are perfect for outdoor sports
Fully inclusive activities
We promote active lifestyles for everyone
We've partnered with local gyms who also believe in 'fitness for all'
Trying new activities
We love finding new activities like indoor curling
Hula Hooping
Getting active and having FUN
Camping Trips
Enjoying the outdoors can have long term benefits to your health and well-being
Walking is simple, free, and one of the easiest ways to get more active, lose weight and become healthier
We cater for people who have never tried an activity before right through to those who already love sport
Running Parachutes
Trying new equipment can make exercise more interesting and fun
We love anything that gets people moving
Walking Club
From 30 minute walks to big challenges, the Linkage Adult Skills Walking Club has something for everyone. This year the clients are attempting to collectively walk 2020 miles by 2020
It's not all about jumping around, strength, flexibility and breathing can boost physical and mental well-being
Health Eating
Learning how to cook healthy nutritious helps you eat more healthy
Healthy Habits
We spend time thinking about what foods and habits are healthy and which should be enjoyed in moderation or avoided.
Swimming is really popular with some of our clients so we take part in team Swimarathons where teams swim in relay to do as many lengths in 55 mins as possible
Linkage has opened up my life
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