Adult Skills

Day Provision for adults with learning disabilities providing a wide range of adult skills activities around enrichment, independence, health and well-being and enterprise.

The Linkage day services provision is known as Adult Skills. It is available at 4 sites across Lincolnshire. They operate all year – Monday to Friday – with a variety of weekend and evening activities also available.

Adult Skills is about providing great opportunities for socialisation, personal development, health and wellbeing, building work skills, getting involved in the local community and most importantly having fun. Clients access the centres on a flexible basis to suit their individual needs, which could be from half a day, to 5 full days, or just one of the evening or weekend activities.

We spend time with each of our clients to understand their needs and goals so together we can create the right combination of activities for them to enjoy and benefit from.

The activities on offer are regularly reviewed to meet the interests of the clients we have but always fall into one of our four core strands:

  • Enrichment including Performing Arts, Creative Crafts, Handicrafts (sewing, knitting, etc) Gardening, Photography
  • Independence including basic cookery skills, shopping, budgeting, road safety, mobility, Community engagement, volunteering
  • Health and Wellbeing including healthy lifestyles, football, swimming, badminton, cricket, athletics and Outward-Bound activities (camping, sailing, cycling, activity days)
  • Enterprise including Wood’n’stuff (Woodwork/pottery), Blooming Baskets (Gardening) and Image Factory (Media and Photography)

We also offer an outreach service where we support individual clients from their own home if that is the better alternative for them.

For more information on the service contact our Adult Skills Manager, Chris Teesdale on:
Tel: 01790 755059

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