Business Continuity

Linkage has developed a Business Continuity Policy and Plan to develop the Trust’s resilience to unplanned events and emergencies.

We have identified the main functions which we feel are critical to the delivery of our Education, Care, Employment and support services.

These are:

  • Delivering high quality education, care, supported living, community support, short breaks and employment services to meet the needs of clients and their families and our legal / regulatory obligations.
  • Keeping clients, students, staff and stakeholders safe.
  • Providing safe, well-maintained and supportive accommodation and environments that promote health, wellbeing, independence and achievement.
  • Providing effective leadership, management and staffing sufficient to need.
  • Maintaining effective communication and information flows.
  • Providing / maintaining service or supplies (fuel, food, utilities and health prescriptions), money, equipment and vehicles sufficient to need.

When analysing the potential for unexpected events and crises which could impact on our services, we look at the likelihood and the consequences.

To help us do this, we have adopted a risk alert status across the Trust which is similar to the system currently used by the national Meteorological Office.

This is the lowest level and equates to business as usual. This is the minimum state of vigilance but incorporates the need for on-going planning and preparation for events such as severe weather, power cuts, loss of staff, loss of access to premises and loss of IT.
This is the second level alert that equates to a state of heightened Alert and Readiness to expect possible consequences from  a potential event such as a period of expected cold weather.
This is the third level alert and equates to the need for Action to be taken. Level 3 triggers Linkage’s Business Continuity Plan and associated incident management and recovery plans. At this stage, the Chief Executive and Senior Management Team (under the direction of the Board) become the Critical Response Team and are responsible – along with any other nominated managers) for managing the situation on both operational and strategic level.


This is the fourth and highest level alert which indicates a high-impact Emergency and equates to the need for an immediate tactical and on-going strategic response. Other services, such as Fire and Rescue, Police and Ambulance, may be involved.

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