Immersion Box Report – Digital Magic

Posted: 09/07/2015

Immersion Box Report Image

Linkage’s ‘immersive’ learning journey

Linkage College is at the forefront of new developments in immersive learning technologies.

Following its investment in a portable Immersion Box produced by technology partners Seeper, Linkage helped to secure £80,000 further funding from InnovateUK for further research and development.

The latest Immersion Box, which is due to be launched by the College in September, is the result.
It can turn any darkened room into a sensory environment in which students can use a range of applications to select and move colours, shapes and objects according to their sensory needs and preferences.

Read more about it… Lincoln University’s research report here, which explores how the use of the Box has already helped students to progress their learning and skills in communication and working with others.

I found it helpful to have some respite whilst working 1-1 with my daughter and to be supported at meetings and appointments